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Patient Testimonials

“From the first moment I met Amber Weiss, I knew she was smart. I knew she knew what she was doing.  She spent over an hour with me discussing everything… I am so grateful to have found Amber.  She is extraordinary.  An incredible listener, so patient, sweet and genuinely cares.  She never once, (ever!) rushed me through our appt.  She is also extremely bright and knowledgeable about treatments old and new.  She has this really great calming sense to her.  That’s the best way I can describe it.”

– L.K.

Testimonial for Amber Weiss, PA-C, LAc

“I was experiencing severe pain in my left hip. I was treated by an Orthopedic Surgeon and later by an Osteopath. The pain continued.  I began treatment with Amber Weiss, which consisted of a combination of acupuncture, microcurrent and massage. My pain was significantly reduced after the first few sessions. After approximately three months of treatment I am pain free and maintaining my health through Amber’s suggested regimen of muscle stretches and weekly exercise.”

– R.G.

Testimonial for Amber Weiss, PA-C, LAc

“Dr. Larsh always goes above and beyond the status quo for the care of her patients, combining the best holistic-based care with excellent bed-side manner. She is extremely reliable and knowledgeable for both acute conditions or general wellness needs. Thank you Dr. Larsh for your top-notch care of myself, my wife, and our two children!”

– S.D., D.D. & M.D.

Testimonial for Lonna Larsh, MD

“Before seeing Amber, I spent years going to specialists – neurologists, gastroenterologists, rheumatologists – none of whom could figure out why I was always tired and in so much pain.  Amber took a detailed history and helped me figure out that gluten was the underlying cause of my migraines, stomach pain, and fatigue.  Under her care, I am now 100% gluten-free and nearly 100% pain-free.  I am so grateful for her diligent detective work, dietary suggestions, acupuncture, and anti-inflammatory supplements.  Thank you Amber!”

– N.W.

Testimonial for Amber Weiss, PA-C, LAc

“Being in Dr. Lonna Larsh’s practice has been a comfort because I know I’m in good hands.  Every time I come in, whether it’s a check-up or a concern, I know that I’m related to as a whole person and not an object of care.  Lonna asks me pertinent questions about how I’ve been physically and emotionally and considers more factors than just the physical to evaluate before making a plan.  When Lonna explains any concerns or a course of action, she explains what’s happening in a way that I can understand that reactivates my enthusiasm for stepping up more in caring for myself.  When I leave her office, I feel revitalized, understood, cared for, and always ready to meet a new goal.  It’s a blessing to be partners in care with Dr. Lonna Larsh.”

– H.A.

Testimonial for Lonna Larsh, MD

“I had an appointment with Amber Weiss, the physician assistant. She was so thorough and made me feel like I was the only patient she had to worry about the whole day. She discussed a variety of options with me and made sure I clearly understood why each one was a possibility.  Amber also took the time to list a number of herbal remedies so I could avoid the cost and side effects of regular prescription medicines.”

– N.H.

Testimonial for Amber Weiss, PA-C, LAc

“This was one of the best doctor office experiences I have ever had! I had a terrible sinus infection.  Amber was VERY attentive and understanding.  She listened to everything I said and took my personal symptoms into consideration without rubber-stamping me with an antibiotic.  She is an expert in BOTH traditional and pharmaceutical treatments (a very rare combo in my experience).  I am not exaggerating: her recommendations for Chinese remedies have allowed my husband and I to wake up without headaches for the first time in 5 years!!”

– R.C.

Testimonial for Amber Weiss, PA-C, LAc

“My family have been patients of Dr. Lonna Larsh for many years. We are blessed to have a doctor like her. Her integrative health care practice reminds me of doctors long ago where care is collaborative and supportive; she listens deeply, takes the time to understand and know me, and personally answers calls and emails the same day! This type of medical practice is a rare gift in these times. She has helped me heal and continues to help me stay balanced and well from some serious health conditions, using both conventional and complimentary medicines. Dr Larsh is a compassionate, kind and talented MD that can help you navigate the “system” and brings her vast knowledge of many different healing systems  to her practice. Thank you Dr. Larsh for choosing an ideal medical practice model, for making it affordable and for always being available. I know I would not be this healthy and strong without your care.”

– E.H.

Testimonial for Lonna Larsh, MD

“Finding a knowledgeable, non-judgmental, available and caring physician these days is  a difficult task. Even if physicians want to be all of those things, they are constricted by the way our current healthcare and insurance systems function. Dr. Larsh, with her private practice, is able to provide all of the above and more. Since our family has joined Dr. Larsh’s practice, we have received the best and most attentive care I have ever experienced from a physician. And we have been able to save money by not having to pay for the extra costs of a large physician group. Dr. Larsh is almost always available, and when she is not, she provides alternatives. Dr. Larsh understands the importance of seeing the whole person in her practice and accepting various modalities of care. Our family could not be more happy with her as our family care physician.”

– S.K.J.

Testimonial for Lonna Larsh, MD

“Dr Larsh has been my doctor for almost ten years. I actually met her when I was admitted to the hospital by ambulance for diabetic ketoacidosis. She immediately took great care of me. The nurse told me she wanted to know my status every 2 hours throughout the night.
After this experience I became Dr Larsh’s regular patient.  She has taken care of me with both Conventional Western medicine and Integrative medicine. This is the first doctor I have ever been to whose visits I look forward to. She is also the greatest acupuncturist in the world.  Every time I have acupuncture I fall asleep immediately. She cares about the whole patient and is a great listener. I truly trust her with my life, my husband’s life and my son’s life.”

– B.P.

Testimonial for Lonna Larsh, MD

“I have been seeing Dr. Lonna Larsh for 7 years, mostly for acupuncture. I went to her on the advice of my father, who was also seeing her for chronic pain relief. Lonna has been great. I have seen her for acupuncture for chronic pain, but she also advises me on Holistic ways to stay healthy. It’s nice seeing a Doctor that really has the time to listen to what is going on, to help you decide what course of action to take concerning your health.”

– S.P.

Testimonial for Lonna Larsh, MD

“One of the best medical experiences I’ve had in recent memory. I had an initial appointment with Amber Weiss.  I feel like the treatment plan was well explained, with a legitimate concern for what I’m comfortable with doing. I really appreciate the fact that she actually listened to my concerns instead of just handing me a prescription.  I wish I’d gone here a lot sooner.”

– A.O.

Testimonial for Amber Weiss, PA-C, LAc

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