Lonna Larsh, MD • Amber Weiss, PA-C, LAc

Payment & Insurance

Payment and Insurance

We collect payment at the time of services. We expect payment in full. We accept cash, check, credit card, and PayPal. We will give you a receipt, also known as a superbill, which you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement for the office visit. Most insurance companies will reimburse you, unless you have an HMO. In addition to office charges, any lab or test charges will be billed by the company involved in doing those tests. Those companies bill your insurance directly, although if you pay them at the time of service you may get a discount.

We are not contracted with any HMOs.

If you have an HMO, we are happy to see you, but you will need to pay out of pocket for all services.

If you have a PPO, your provider would reimburse you more if we were on their list of preferred providers. For example, they would reimburse you at 85% of office charges if we were on their list, but only 50% if I am not. (Numbers used for illustration purposes only). I am not a preferred provider with any insurance companies.

Please check with your insurance company to find out how their process works. You are responsible for knowing what they cover, what they don’t cover and how to submit your charges for reimbursement. Most plans have a form that you will need to submit with the superbill that we will give you. Insurance is very complicated and it is important to be an informed consumer.

Central California Alliance for Health

The one exception to our “no insurance” rule is Central California Alliance for Health (Santa Cruz County’s Medi-Cal plan).  If you are already an established patient, we will accept insurance through them should they become your insurance carrier. We are not taking new patients with Medi-Cal however, and we are not able to take children with Medi-Cal.


We have chosen to opt out of Medicare. This means that we cannot bill Medicare for anything, anytime, ever, and that you cannot request that Medicare reimburse you for our services. If you have Medicare and receive our services, you will be personally responsible for 100% of the charges. We will need you to sign a contract agreeing to this. In addition, if you have a secondary insurance, they will not pay. The way the system is set up, secondaries will only pay after Medicare has paid their share. Since we are not billing Medicare, secondaries refuse to pay at all as well.


Meet and greet (about 15 min., no medical advice given.) This visit is for both of us to determine if we are a good fit) free
Simple visit for returning pt (for patients seen in the last year, 10-15 min.) $95
Standard visit (20-30 min.): $125 for Amber, $135 for Lonna
Extended visit (45-50 min.): $150 for Amber,$175 for Lonna
Yearly wellness visit w/complete physical exam (90 min.): $175 for Amber,$200 for Lonna
Acupuncture (60-90 min.): add $30 to any visit
New adult patient visit (90 min.): $295 for Amber, $350 for Lonna
Home visits: (30-60 min): $300 – $400, depending on travel distance

Please note: If you have extenuating circumstances, please speak with us, we are willing to discuss adjusting our fees or arranging a payment schedule to meet your needs.

A word about hospital care: we no longer seeing patients in the hospital.  If you need hospitalization, we have an arrangement worked out with the Dominican Hospital staff to take care of our patients.

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